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NOWHERE MAN: The Complete T.V. Series 1995-1996 NR Bruce Greenwood Mystery DVD classifieds    Items for Sale    Movies, Music & TV    DVD's    2T952Q   

Nowhere Man: The Complete Television Series 1995-1996 NR Bruce Greenwood & Megan Gallagher Action Mystery Suspense DVD

Extremely rare and very hard to find out of print Mystery Television Series DVD.

A must have Television Series for any fans of Bruce Greenwood.

This Television Series is a DVD transfer to brand new high quality DVD-R Discs.

DVD picture and sound quality is a perfect 10 out of 10.

This Television Series was burned from the original retail DVD set.

Included in this complete set is nine DVD Video Discs.

This Television Series is uncut, unrated and commercial free.

RELEASE DATE: August 28, 1995

GENRE: Action - Mystery - Suspense


A Man Stripped Of His Identity Must Solve The Mysterious Conspiracy That Has Taken Over His Life!

Thomas James Veil (Bruce Greenwood) is a Photo Journalist who in the course of one evening seemingly has his whole existence erased. It appears as if some mysterious and powerful entity has coerced his family and friends into cooperating in a clandestine plan to erase all traces of him. Thomas Veil is all alone with no option but to begin a desperate and very dangerous quest to find out how and why this has happened and most importantly who is behind this torturous scheme.


This was one of the most brilliantly written shows of the 1990s. Unlike most of the shows of this time NoWhere Man was very unique and mysterious which gained the attention of viewers.

This was an excellent show. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to see this great series on UPN. This television series was cancelled after just one season because UPN was desperate to keep Star Trek Voyager on the air. I would highly recommend this televison series.


Canceled with a cliffhanger after only one season.

Conceived as a cross between the classic American television series The Fugitive and the British television series The Prisoner.

This television series was originally started with a narration. My name is Thomas Veil, or at least it was. I'm a photographer, I had it all, A wife, Alyson, Friends, A career. And in one moment, It was all taken away, All because of a single photograph, I have it, They want it, And they will do anything to get the negative. I'm keeping this diary as proof that these events are real. I know they are, They have to be.


Bruce Greenwood ............... Thomas J. Veil

Megan Gallagher ............... Alyson Veil

Ted Levine ............... David Edward Powers

Mimi Craven ............... Ellen Combs

Kate Hodge ............... Angie Prescott

Carrie Anne Moss ............... Karin Stoltz

Raphael Sbarge ............... Doctor Blake Moen

Michael Tucker ............... Doctor Howard Bellamy

Robin Sachs ............... Alexander Hale

James Tolkan ............... Commander Cyrus Quinn

Richard Penn ............... Detective Warren Tanner

Carol Huston ............... Sandra Wilson

Jamie Rose ............... Claire Hillard

Dwight Schultz ... Harrison Barton

Kent Williams ............... Justin Grey

Dean Stockwell ............... Gus Shepard

Karen Moncrieff ............... Pam Peterson

Leslie Kay Sterling ............... Tina Foster

Maria Bello ............... Emily Noonan

Dean Jones ............... Jonathan Crane

Mia Korf ............... Jane Butler

Cliff De Young ............... Jim Hubbard

Laura Leigh Hughes ............... Lucy McKay

Sydney Walsh ............... Laura Palmer

Lawrence Hertzog ............... Creator

Tobe Hooper ............... Director

James Whitmore Jr. ............... Director

Steve Stafford ............... Director

Thomas J. Wright ............... Director

Michael Levine ............... Director

Joel Surnow ............... Producer

Lawrence Hertzog ............... Producer

Jan DeWitt ............... Producer

Marianne Canepa ............... Producer

Peter Dunne ............... Producer

Joel Surnow ............... Writer

Lawrence Hertzog ............... Writer

David Ehrman ............... Writer

Buena Vista Television ............... Distributor

United Paramount Network ............... Distributor

Touchstone Television ............... Production Company

Lawrence Hertzog Productions ............... Production Company


(01) Season One - Episode 01: Absolute Zero
Original Air Date: August 28, 1995


Thomas Veil quite literally loses his identity one night over dinner and begins to mentally unravel when he discovers his wife is part of whatever is happening. Placed in a sanitarium, He slowly realizes that he is actually the victim of some massive conspiracy connected to a photograph he took entitled Hidden Agenda.

(02) Season One - Episode 02: Turnabout
Original Air Date: September 04, 1995


Thomas Veil is picked up by operatives, Who think that he is Doctor Bellamy. He is taken to a Midwest sanitarium for the organization and ordered to crack Ellen Combs, a young woman who has just been erased. Thinking that he will be able to secure his own files, Tom plays along. Ellen's story is similar to his and he escapes from the sanitarium with Ellen but the episode has an unexpected ending.

(03) Season One - Episode 03: The Incredible Derek
Original Air Date: September 11, 1995


Tracing the jeep in the photograph to Tipton, Georgia, Thomas Veil meets a blind ten year old prophet who sees into both Tom's past and future. With his help Tom manages to avoid being captured by the army troops that seem to be looking for him, But not before they destroy the army base that has some mysterious connections to the picture in Tom's negative as well as the small town where they have been staying.

(04) Season One - Episode 04: Something About Her
Original Air Date: September 18, 1995


The conspirators kidnap Tom and through drugs and programming convinces him that he is in love with an attractive photographer named Karin who is actually an actress hired by the conspirators. As their relationship progresses, flashbacks confuse him and Tom angrily turns on the girl, Forcing the doctors to step up their program.

(05) Season One - Episode 05: Paradise On Your Doorstep
Original Air Date: September 25, 1995


While working in a photo shop Tom comes across a picture of his wife Alyson dining with a female customer. When the woman picks up the photographs he follows her, Only to be kidnapped and transported to a strange isolated village, A perfect town specially designed for the disenfranchised, And those persons who had lost their identities because of them.

(06) Season One - Episode 06: The Spider Webb
Original Air Date: October 09, 1995


Tom is tracing Dave Eddie Powers, His friend from the asylum who knew too much and was lobotomized for his efforts to help Tom. He ends up in Eddie's run down hotel room where the television mysteriously begins broadcasting The Lenny Little Show, A serial that is amazingly enough acting out scenes from Tom's life that has been erased. He traces the program to the Max Webb Studios and confronts the sneering writer. Tom begins to realize that Max Webb not only knows what he has done but foresees what he will do next.

(07) Season One - Episode 07: A Rough Whimper Of Insanity
Original Air Date: October 23, 1995


Working as a pizza deliveryman, Tom happens on a computer hacker that has cut himself off from the world and lives in darkness with his machines. Sickly and severely socially handicapped, Scott Hansen begins to warm to Tom's gentleness and becomes deeply intrigued when he realizes the extent of his ordeal, So profound that even Scott's skills cannot retrieve Tom's files.

(08) Season One - Episode 08: The Alpha Spike
Original Air Date: October 30, 1995


Tom travels to New England to work in the military school where Doctor Bellamy taught and to investigate Doctor Bellamy's methods of subliminal persuasion on teenagers. While there he becomes involved in a murder committed by an evil and manipulative cadet. The famous calling card from this episode is the chilling reiteration of Unity, Commitment, Strength!

(09) Season One - Episode 09: You Really Got A Hold On Me
Original Air Date: November 06, 1995


Tom is befriended by a man whose own life was taken away by the organization more than 20 years before. Gus Shepard, played by Dean Stockwell, has come to realize that the conspiracy's focus has shifted from him to Tom and that even his life as a runaway no longer has meaning.

(10) Season One - Episode 10: Father
Original Air Date: November 13, 1995


Tom returns to the Missouri town where he grew up and meets the father who deserted him and his mother 20 years before. Although he wants to believe the man now calling himself Jonathan Crane is his father, Tom is suspicious of the recent plastic surgery and demands proof, Which Jonathan cannot seem to supply.

(11) Season One - Episode 11: The Enemy Within
Original Air Date: November 20, 1995


Tom finds himself in a rural area of Pennsylvania where he is waiting for a phone call from a detective who thinks he can name the cigar smoking soldier in Tom's photograph. Unwittingly camping out on private land, He is shot by a guard and left for dead. Tom is discovered the next day by Emily, A young woman who manages to drag him to her home and nurses him back to health.

(12) Season One - Episode 12: It's Not Such A Wonderful Life
Original Air Date: November 27, 1995


During Christmas, Thomas Veil reads in a newspaper that the federal government is looking for him in connection with the photograph known as Hidden Agenda. And then quite suddenly he is found! Tom is told his ordeal is over and that all he has to do is testify, And to prove his story, And to hand over the negatives.

(13) Season One - Episode 13: Contact
Original Air Date: January 15, 1996


A mysterious voice from within the organization contacts Tom and tells him that he will help him reach the man responsible for his erasure. To earn his trust the voice allows him to watch the video record of his own erasure and to see the man who ordered it, Richard Grace. To ensure Tom's interest the voice also shows Tom proof that his wife Alyson was involved with Richard Grace and sets out an elaborate scheme for Tom to assassinate the man.

(14) Season One - Episode 14: Heart Of Darkness
Original Air Date: January 22, 1996


Thomas Veil uses a Palmtop computer provided by his contact within the organization to track down Commander Cyrus Quinn, A secretive military man who runs a uniformed organization that carefully screens all applicants. Assuming an accepted applicant's place, Tom finds himself kidnapped and inducted into a brutally disciplined militia group that kills those who do not conform.

(15) Season One - Episode 15: Forever Jung
Original Air Date: February 05, 1996


Following up on information in the Palmtop, Tom journeys to a Minnesota town and finds work at a nursing home that may be performing unauthorized scientific experiments on its residents. The unexpected death of one of the residents prompts Tom to investigate and he uncovers a plot that is directly linked to the organization. This episode has created considerable controversy among fans as to whether Alyson is a real person, Or a wholly false identity created only to execute Thomas Veil.

(16) Season One - Episode 16: Shine A Light On You
Original Air Date: February 12, 1996


Tom journeys to a remote Colorado town to look for a physicist named Doctor Merrit, whom he suspects is another victim of the conspiracy. The Doctors disappearance has been attributed to an alien abduction by the locals, Who have become accustomed to seeing strange phenomena and unexplained lights.

(17) Season One - Episode 17: Stay Tuned
Original Air Date: February 19, 1996


The Palmtop leads Thomas Veil to Darby, NY. A seemingly perfect American town where everybody is just too good to be true. Suspecting some form of mind control, Tom attempts to infiltrate the campaign headquarters of Jim Hubbard, A local politician who is launching a campaign to run for governor, And who might be part of the organization that erased his identity.

(18) Season One - Episode 18: Hidden Agenda
Original Air Date: February 26, 1996


Alexander Hale, The mysterious contact in the organization, Finally reveals his true identity and arranges to meet with Tom to find out the truth about the photograph Hidden Agenda. Unknown to Tom, Alexander Hale has been uncovered by the organization and they intend to use him as bait to bring Thomas Veil down once and for all.

(19) Season One - Episode 19: Doppelganger
Original Air Date: March 18, 1996


Unsure that he can trust the information from the Palmtop computer, Tom decides to investigate one last name. Claire Hillard a fellow journalist who was assigned to the same South American arena where the Hidden Agenda photograph was supposedly taken. Arriving in the small Ohio town where she lives, He discovers that another Thomas Veil lives there, A photographer with whom Claire occasionally works with.

(20) Season One - Episode 20: Through A Lens Darkly
Original Air Date: April 8, 1996


Tom is kidnapped and locked inside a remote deserted house. An operative within the organization uses powerful mind control techniques to induce haunting memories from Tom's past, making him recall his childhood and the violent death of his childhood sweetheart.

(21) Season One - Episode 21: Dark Side Of The Moon
Original Air Date: April 15, 1996


Tom has a chance to uncover an important list of operatives, But as he phones his contact an operative from the organization attacks him and demands the negatives. Fleeing from one enemy Tom runs into another as an inner city gang confronts Tom and steals a bag containing the negatives of Hidden Agenda.

(22) Season One - Episode 22: Calaway
Original Air Date: April 29, 1996


Thomas Veil is suffering from severe insomnia and a doctor's alarming diagnosis prompts him to go back to the asylum where he was first placed after his erasure. There he encounters one of his fellow inmates, A man who has been programmed to think that he is one of the doctors.

(23) Season One - Episode 23: Zero Minus Ten
Original Air Date: May 06, 1996


Waking up in a hospital with no memory of how he got there, Tom is immediately suspicious when he is told that he has been in a coma for three months following a car accident. A forced reunion with his wife Alyson only reinforces his belief that he is the victim of another ruse by the organization that is trying to get his negatives.

(24) Season One - Episode 24: Marathon
Original Air Date: May 13, 1996


Uncovering a section of Hidden Agenda previously obscured, Tom discovers the numbers for a radio frequency that ultimately leads him to a Washington DC research center called Heritage House. As Tom investigates the center, He narrowly escapes the assassination of the entire staff. With the help of a secretary he rescues, Tom discovers that Heritage House is a front for a clandestine FBI operation that happens to be investigating the organization that erased his identity.

(25) Season One - Episode 25: Gemini
Original Air Date: May 20, 1996


Following up on secret information provided by the FBI, Tom Veil finds two valuable clues, The original untouched photo of Hidden Agenda, And the key to the safe house inhabited by the agent who gathered the data, An operative code named Gemini.

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