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COMPLETE SEASONS/SETS NFL MLB NBA NCAA BOXING classifieds    Items for Sale    Movies, Music & TV    DVD's    2T1D7D   

Complete Seasons from NFL and NBA at reasonable prices!! The BEST prices you will find anywhere!!

Complete Sets from MLB NCAA NBA and NFL BOXING

New games being added regularly so check back often!!

Want a season you don't see listed? Let me know and I can probably find it for you!!!

NFL Complete Seasons including any playoff games
$60 per season

1983 Raiders season
1985 Bears season
1987 Redskins season
1990 Giants season
1991 Redskins season
1992 Cowboys season
1994 49ers season
1995 Cowboys season
1996 Packers season
1997 Broncos season
1998 Broncos season
1999 Rams season
1999 Colts season
2000 Ravens season
2001 Patriots season
2002 Buccaneers season
2003 Patriots season
2004 Patriots season
2004 Colts season (Manning breaks TD record)
2006 Colts season
2007 Patriots season (Brady breaks TD record)
2008 Steelers season
2009 Saints season
2012 Packers season
2013 Packers season
2013 Broncos season (Manning breaks TD record)
2014 Packers season

NBA Complete Regular Seasons
$300 per season

1995-96 Bulls season (record 72 wins!)
2004-05 Cavs season
2007-08 Cavs season
2010-11 Mavs season
2007-08 Lakers season
2008-09 Lakers season
2009-10 Lakers season
2010-11 Lakers season
2011-12 Lakers season
2012-13 Lakers season
2013-14 Lakers season
2014-15 Lakers season
2015-16 Lakers season
2017-18 Rockets season
2010-11 Heat season
2011-12 Heat season
2012-13 Heat season
2013-14 Heat season
2015-16 Warriors season (record 73 wins!)
2015-16 Raptors season
2016-17 Raptors season
2017-18 Raptors season
2018-19 Raptors season
2018-19 76ers season
2018-19 Blazers season
2018-19 Bucks season
2018-19 Cavs season
2018-19 Celtics season
2018-19 Heat season
2018-19 Jazz season
2018-19 Lakers season
2018-19 Mavs season
2018-19 Nuggets season
2018-19 Rockets season
2018-19 Spurs season
2018-19 Thunder season
2018-19 Warriors season
2017-18 Celtics season

NBA Complete Playoffs Every Game Every Round
$250 per season

2007 NBA Playoffs
2008 NBA Playoffs
2009 NBA Playoffs
2011 NBA Playoffs
2015 NBA Playoffs
2016 NBA Playoffs
2017 NBA Playoffs
2018 NBA Playoffs

Boxing Sets--$50







Fights Boxing DVD 1

Evander Holyfield vs Qawi I

Evander Holyfield vs Qawi II

Fights Boxing DVD 2

Evander Holyfield vs Tillis

Evander Holyfield vs Thomas

Evander Holyfield vs Dokes

Fights Boxing DVD 3

Evander Holyfield vs Rodrigues

Evander Holyfield vs Stewart I

Evander Holyfield vs McDonagh

Evander Holyfield vs Douglas

Fights Boxing DVD 4

Evander Holyfield vs Foreman

Evander Holyfield vs Cooper

Fights Boxing DVD 5

Evander Holyfield vs Holmes

Evander Holyfield vs Bowe I

Fights Boxing DVD 6

Evander Holyfield vs Stewart II

Evander Holyfield vs Bowe II

Fights Boxing DVD 7

Evander Holyfield vs Moorer I

Evander Holyfield vs Mercer

Fights Boxing DVD 8

Evander Holyfield vs Bowe III

Evander Holyfield vs Czyz

Fights Boxing DVD 9

Evander Holyfield vs Tyson I

Evander Holyfield vs Tyson II

Fights Boxing DVD 10

Evander Holyfield vs Moorer II

Evander Holyfield vs V. Bean

Fights Boxing DVD 11

Evander Holyfield vs Lewis I

Evander Holyfield vs Lewis II

Fights Boxing DVD 12

Evander Holyfield vs Ruiz I

Evander Holyfield vs Ruiz II

Fights Boxing DVD 13

Evander Holyfield vs Ruiz III

Evander Holyfield vs Rahman

Fights Boxing DVD 14

Evander Holyfield vs Byrd

Evander Holyfield vs Toney

Fights Boxing DVD 15

Evander Holyfield vs Donald

Evander Holyfield vs Bates

Fights Boxing DVD 16

Evander Holyfield vs Oquendo

Evander Holyfield vs Maddalone

Fights Boxing DVD 17

Evander Holyfield vs Savarese

Fights Boxing DVD 18

Evander Holyfield vs Ibragimov

Fights Boxing DVD 19

Evander Holyfield vs Valuev

Fights Boxing DVD 20

Evander Holyfield documentary


Fights Boxing DVD 1

Roy Jones Jr. vs Lyles I (AM)

Roy Jones Jr. vs Lyles II (AM)

Roy Jones Jr. vs Levine (AM)

Roy Jones Jr. vs Makalamba (AM)

Roy Jones Jr. vs Zaitsev (AM)

Roy Jones Jr. vs Woodhall (AM)

Roy Jones Jr. vs Si-Hun (AM)

Fights Boxing DVD 2

Roy Jones Jr. vs Randall

Roy Jones Jr. vs S. Johnson

Roy Jones Jr. vs Amundsen

Roy Jones Jr. vs McCluskey

Roy Jones Jr. vs Mitchem

Roy Jones Jr. vs Brown

Roy Jones Jr. vs R. Johnson

Roy Jones Jr. vs Williams

Roy Jones Jr. vs Miller

Fights Boxing DVD 3

Roy Jones Jr. vs Stackhouse

Roy Jones Jr. vs Evans

Roy Jones Jr. vs Daigle

Roy Jones Jr. vs Yarbrough

Fights Boxing DVD 4

Roy Jones Jr. vs Vaca

Roy Jones Jr. vs Serwano

Roy Jones Jr. vs Castro

Roy Jones Jr. vs Thomas

Fights Boxing DVD 5

Roy Jones Jr. vs Harris

Roy Jones Jr. vs Wolfe

Roy Jones Jr. vs Hopkins I

Roy Jones Jr. vs Malinga

Fights Boxing DVD 6

Roy Jones Jr. vs Garcia

Roy Jones Jr. vs Tate

Roy Jones Jr. vs Toney

Fights Boxing DVD 7

Roy Jones Jr. vs Byrd

Roy Jones Jr. vs Pazienza

Roy Jones Jr. vs Thornton

Roy Jones Jr. vs Sosa

Fights Boxing DVD 8

Roy Jones Jr. vs Lucas

Roy Jones Jr. vs Brannon

Roy Jones Jr. vs McCallum

Fights Boxing DVD 9

Roy Jones Jr. vs Griffin I

Roy Jones Jr. vs Griffin II

Roy Jones Jr. vs Hill

Fights Boxing DVD 10

Roy Jones Jr. vs Del Valle

Roy Jones Jr. vs Grant

Roy Jones Jr. vs Frazier

Fights Boxing DVD 11

Roy Jones Jr. vs R. Johnson

Roy Jones Jr. vs Telesco

Fights Boxing DVD 12

Roy Jones Jr. vs Hall

Roy Jones Jr. vs Harding

Fights Boxing DVD 13

Roy Jones Jr. vs Harmon

Roy Jones Jr. vs Gonzalez

Roy Jones Jr. vs Kelly

Fights Boxing DVD 14

Roy Jones Jr. vs Woods

Roy Jones Jr. vs Ruiz

Fights Boxing DVD 15

Roy Jones Jr. vs Tarver I

Roy Jones Jr. vs Tarver II

Fights Boxing DVD 16

Roy Jones Jr. vs G. Johnson

Roy Jones Jr. vs Tarver III

Fights Boxing DVD 17

Roy Jones Jr. vs Ajamu

Fights Boxing DVD 18

Roy Jones Jr. vs Hanshaw

Fights Boxing DVD 19

Roy Jones Jr. vs Trinidad

Fights Boxing DVD 20

Roy Jones Jr. 24/7 Calzaghe

Fights Boxing DVD 21

Roy Jones Jr. vs Calzaghe

Roy Jones Jr. vs Sheika

Fights Boxing DVD 22

Roy Jones Jr. vs Lacy

Fights Boxing DVD 23

Roy Jones Jr. documentary

Fights Boxing DVD 24

Roy Jones Jr. documentary


Fights Boxing DVD 1

Mike Tyson vs Cortez (AM)

Mike Tyson vs Cozad (AM)

Mike Tyson vs Brown I (AM)

Mike Tyson vs Milligan (AM)

Mike Tyson vs Brown II (AM)

Fights Boxing DVD 2

Mike Tyson vs Bent (AM)

Mike Tyson vs Payne (AM)

Mike Tyson vs Tillman I (AM)

Mike Tyson vs Tillman II (AM)

Mike Tyson vs Mercedes

Mike Tyson vs Singleton

Mike Tyson vs Halpin

Mike Tyson vs Spain

Mike Tyson vs Alderson

Mike Tyson vs Canady

Mike Tyson vs Johnson

Mike Tyson vs Long

Fights Boxing DVD 3

Mike Tyson vs Colay

Mike Tyson vs Richardson

Mike Tyson vs Nelson

Mike Tyson vs Scaff

Mike Tyson vs Young

Mike Tyson vs Jaco

Mike Tyson vs Jameson

Mike Tyson vs Ferguson

Fights Boxing DVD 4

Mike Tyson vs Zouski

Mike Tyson vs Tillis

Mike Tyson vs Green

Fights Boxing DVD 5

Mike Tyson vs Gross

Mike Tyson vs Housea

Mike Tyson vs Boyd

Mike Tyson vs Frazier

Mike Tyson vs Ribalta

Mike Tyson vs Ratliff

Fights Boxing DVD 6

Mike Tyson vs Berbick

Mike Tyson vs Smith

Mike Tyson vs Thomas

Fights Boxing DVD 7

Mike Tyson vs Tucker

Mike Tyson vs Biggs

Fights Boxing DVD 8

Mike Tyson vs Holmes

Mike Tyson vs Tubbs

Mike Tyson vs Spinks

Mike Tyson vs Bruno I

Fights Boxing DVD 9

Mike Tyson vs Williams

Mike Tyson vs Douglas

Mike Tyson vs Tillman

Mike Tyson vs Stewart

Fights Boxing DVD 10

Mike Tyson vs Ruddock I

Mike Tyson vs Ruddock II

Fights Boxing DVD 11

Mike Tyson vs McNeeley

Mike Tyson vs Mathis Jr.

Mike Tyson vs Bruno II

Mike Tyson vs Seldon

Fights Boxing DVD 12

Mike Tyson vs Holyfield I

Mike Tyson vs Holyfield II

Fights Boxing DVD 13

Mike Tyson vs Botha

Mike Tyson vs Norris

Mike Tyson vs Francis

Mike Tyson vs Savarese

Mike Tyson vs Golota

Fights Boxing DVD 14

Mike Tyson vs Nielsen

Mike Tyson vs Lewis

Mike Tyson vs Eteinne

Fights Boxing DVD 15

Mike Tyson vs D. Williams

Mike Tyson vs McBride

Fights Boxing DVD 16

Mike Tyson documentary

Mike Tyson documentary

Fights Boxing DVD 17

Mike Tyson documentary


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