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List No.2: Rare MOVIE DVD collection lost unreleased tv movies specials dramas classifieds    Items for Sale    Movies, Music & TV    DVD's    23WQ2X   

this is PART 2 of my movie list;

1946 movie TOMORROW IS FOREVER dvd orson wells claudette colbert

1934 movie MANY HAPPY RETURNS dvd george burns gracie allen

1938 movie ARTISTS AND MODELS ABROAD dvd jack benny joan bennett

1935 movie THE SCOUNDREL dvd noel coward julie haydon stanley ridges

1939 movie MAN ABOUT TOWN dvd jack benny dorothy lamour

1948 movie GOOD SAM dvd gary cooper ann sheridan ray collins

1950 movie UNION STATION dvd william holden nancy olson

1953 movie ALL I DESIRE dvd barbara stanwyck richard carlson

1960 movie WILD RIVER dvd montgomery clift lee remick jo van fleet

1978 tv movie THE OTHER SIDE OF HELL dvd alan arkin roger e. mosley woodward

1985 movie HOT RESORT dvd 80's T & A bronson pinchot tom parsekian

1988 tv movie RED RIVER dvd remake of 1948 version james arness bruce boxleitner gregory harrison ray walston stan shaw guy madison

1975 BRUCE LEE VS. GAY POWER dvd – low budget brazilian kung fu comedy? guys parents killed by gang of gays who look like pirates whom he finds to get revenge. portugese language only. one of the worst films ever!

1982 NINJA, THE VIOLENT SORCERER dvd – also one of the worst films ever. made by godfrey ho, creator of some of the worst kung fu theatre type movies ever.

1986 NINJA FANTASY dvd – another godfrey ho epic failure

the UNavailable TRON the ORIGINAL 1982 version on dvd. NOT available in stores or netflix! Disney did NOT re-release it for the new movie and blockbuster/netflix dont have it for rent. very rare.

1986 movie FRENCH LESSON aka THE FROG PRINCE dvd 1984 jane snowden alexandre sterling diana blackburn

1976 movie A SMALL TOWN IN TEXAS dvd timothy bottoms susan george bo hopkins

1981 movie SPLENDOR IN THE GRASS dvd melissa gilbert ned beatty michelle pfeiffer

1960 movie MIDNIGHT LACE dvd starring doris day rex harrison

1971 tv movie DO NOT FOLD, SPINDLE, OR MUTILATE dvd helen hayes mildred natwick Snoop Sisters

1972 tv movie THE FEMALE INSTINCT dvd helen hayes mildred natwick Snoop Sisters

1989 movie GLEAMING THE CUBE dvd christian slater

1986 movie HAMBURGER: THE MOTION PICTURE dvd movie

1982 tv movie WORLD WAR III dvd rock hudson david soul cathy lee crosby lll 3

1997 tv movie FINAL DESCENT dvd robert urich annette o'toole

1990 tv movie MIRACLE LANDING dvd connie sellecca wayne rogers jay thomas

2002 tv movie MARTIN AND LEWIS dvd sean hayes and jeremy northam dean jerry

1990 movie SHAKMA dvd killer baboon and roddy mcdowall

2009 tv movie STRANGER WITH MY FACE dvd catherine hicks

1983 movie GO FOR IT dvd terrence hill (super fuzz) bud spencer

1985 movie MIAMI SUPERCOPS dvd terence hill bud spencer

1994 movie TROUBLEMAKERS dvd terance hill bud spencer

1970 movie THE TRAVELING EXECUTIONER dvd stacy keach bud cort

1993 movie OVER THE HILL dvd starring olympia dukakis

1990 tv movie WHEELS OF TERROR dvd joanna cassidy copper valley

1988 movie PORTRAIT OF A WHITE MARRIAGE dvd starrring martin mull fred willard

Masterpiece Theatre Presentations; 1995 PEACOCK SPRING, 1990 GINGER TREE, 1991 PARNELL AND THE ENGLISH WOMAN dvd

2010 nickelodeon tv movie THE BOY WHO CRIED WEREWOLF dvd

UPGRADED QUALITY PRINT! – 1966 movie LET'S KILL UNCLE dvd directed by william castle

1975 movie THE DEVIL WITHIN HER dvd aka SHARON'S BABY starr Joan Collins

1965 movie BOEING BOEING dvd jerry lewis tony curtis 707

1959 movie CURSE OF THE UNDEAD dvd vampire western! eric fleming kathleen crowley michael pate

1982 movie TIME WALKER dvd kevin brophy nina axelrod ben murphy

1961 movie BACK STREET dvd starring susan hayward backstreet

1989 movie RUDE AWAKENING starring cheech marin eric roberts

1938 movie THE SISTERS dvd starring bette davis and errol flynn

1942 movie LITTLE TOKYO, U.S.A. dvd starring preston foster brenda joyce

1981 movie THE LEGEND OF THE LONE RANGER dvd guest star jason robards christopher lloyd

1958 movie THE LONE RANGER AND THE LOST CITY OF GOLD dvd w orig. lone ranger & tonto

1971 dennis hopper documentary THE AMERICAN DREAMER dvd about & by dennis hopper

1993 tv movie HEART OF DARKNESS dvd john malkovich tim roth

1971 uk tv movie THE SNOW GOOSE dvd starring richard harris

1986 movie LET'S GET HARRY dvd mark harmon gary busey robert duvall

1981 B horror movie FINAL EXAM dvd

1989 movie SING dvd lorraine bracco patti labelle Think; GLEE, High School Musical, Fame, Footloose, etc.

1994 tv movie WHERE ARE MY CHILDREN dvd marg helgenberger corbin bernsen

1971 english movie MELODY dvd about two young schoolmates who have a crush on each other tracy hyde mark lester aka s.w.a.l.k.

1978 movie AMERICAN HOT WAX dvd story of alan freed w tim mcintire fran drescher jay leno

1987 movie CHINA GIRL dvd with james russo and a young david caruso as a gang member

1978 movie ALMOST SUMMER dvd starring tim matheson bruno kirby

1970 tv movie CROWHAVEN FARM dvd hope lange john carradine paul burke

1988 tv movie THE GREAT ESCAPE 2: The Untold Story dvd christopher reeve judd hirsch donald pleasence

1972 tv movie A SHORT WALK TO DAYLIGHT dvd starring james brolin

1977 chinese B Horror THE WITCH WITH THE FLYING HEAD dvd fei taugh mo neuih

1977 movie DAMNATION ALLEY dvd jan-michael vincent george peppard

1971 movie RED SKY AT MORNING dvd aka that same summer desi arnaz jr richard crenna

1973 tv movie RUNAWAY! dvd aka runaway train starring ben murphy

NEW Trailer Park Boys! the 2008 tv special; SAY GOODNIGHT TO THE BAD GUYS dvd and the 2009 movie COUNTDOWN TO LIQUOR DAY dvd

1950 movie TICKET TO TOMAHAWK dvd starr dan dailey anne baxter rory calhoun

1971 horror movie TWINS OF EVIL dvd starring peter cushing

1959 movie WOMAN OBSESSED dvd starring susan hayward stephen boyd

documentary JOE KID ON A STINGRAY dvd the story of the bmx bike starting with the schwinn stingray to present day, with new school legends like hoffman to old schoolers like pk ripper.

1971 documentary ON ANY SUNDAY dvd about motorcycle dirt racing back in the early motocross day (this movie is mentioned in joe kid on a stingray as a major bmx influence)

documentary STUNTWOOD dvd the story of the skateboard deck from its birth (a tree) to its demise (breaking it), and the start of skateboarding to present day with interviews with the pros and old schoolers.

documentary SPAGHETTI WEST dvd. the story of the spaghetti western movies, with interviews with the greats like sergio leone, ennio morricone, clint eastwood.

1970 movie THE KREMLIN LETTER dvd starring richard boone orson welles

1974 tv movie KILLDOZER dvd staring robert urich clint walker carl betz neville brand

1987 movie ROLLING VENGEANCE dvd about a monster truck

1962 movie GIGOT dvd starring jackie gleason directed by gene kelly (aka gigi)

1971 comedy A NEW LEAF dvd starring walter matthau doris roberts

1986 B movie italian thriller/sexploitation DEVIL'S HONEY dvd aka dangerous obsession Blanca Marsillach

1988 tv 4.5 hour mini series TARGET: FAVORITE SON dvd starr harry hamlin jason alexander

1995 tv movie FREEFALL, FALLING FROM THE SKY: FLIGHT 174 dvd william devane

1972 tv movie FAMILY FLIGHT dvd starring rod taylor ed begley jr.

1980 tv movie AMBER WAVES dvd kurt russell dennis weaver wilford brimley

1980 tv movie OHMS dvd aka O.H.M.S. w/ leslie nielsen ralph white david birney dixie carter

1963 movie TOYS IN THE ATTIC dvd starring dean martin, geraldine page

surfing documentary BUSTIN' DOWN THE DOOR dvd story of shaun tomson and rabbit bartholomew

1969 movie GIDGET GROWS UP dvd starring karen valentine

1981 movie THE LAST CHASE dvd starring lee majors burgess meredith chris makepeace

original live opera CARMINA BURANA dvd by carl orff, done in germany, two versions, the 1975 version by jean-pierre ponnelle released in 2001 and another version released in 2006 by Florian-Stadl Kloster Andechs

1969 movie HOOK, LINE, and SINKER dvd starring jerry lewis

1986 movie MALIBU BIKIN SHOP dvd bruce greenwood frank nelson bobbi pavis

1986 new zealand punk movie TEARAWAY dvd AKA Queen City Rocker dvd

1946 movie TO EACH HIS OWN dvd starring olivia de havilland

1974 movie PRAY FOR THE WILDCATS dvd william shatner andy griffith angie dickinson

1993 tv movie The Man With Three Wives dvd beau bridges pam dawber

1989 tv movie A Cry for Help: The Tracey Thurman Story dvd w nancy mckeon

1997 movie IN DARK PLACES dvd starring joan severance

1993 tv movie They've Taken Our Children: The Chowchilla Kidnapping dvd AKA: Vanished Without A Trace dvd starring Karl Malden (his last movie role)

1988 rebecca schaeffer tv movie OUT OF TIME dvd w bill maher, adam ant

1979 brooke shields and george burns movie JUST YOU AND ME, KID dvd

1958 horror movie THE BRAIN EATERS dvd with Leonard Nimoy

1974 horror/comedy movie HOMEBODIES dvd

1982 movie RAW FORCE dvd aka kung fu cannibals or shogun island

1990 tv movie BURIED ALIVE dvd with tim matheson jennifer jason leigh

1979 tv movie Return of the Mod Squad dvd reunion movie

1970 tv movie The Old Man Who Cried Wolf dvd starr. edward g. robinson, ed asner

1999 tv movie Shake, Rattle and Roll: An American Love Story dvd

1979 tv movie MURDER BY NATURAL CAUSES dvd starr. hal holbrook barry bostwick

1980 tv movie NIGHTKILL dvd starring jaclyn smith, robert mitchum

1974 movie LENNY dvd starring Dustin Hoffman about comic lenny bruce

1977 movie ROLLING THUNDER dvd w william devane, tommy lee jones, dabney coleman

1982 movie THE SOLDIER dvd starring ken wahl aka "codename: the soldier"

1969 movie THE SECRET OF BOYNE CASTLE dvd aka Guns In The Heather kurt russell disney

1967 movie MOSBY'S MARAUDERS dvd kurt russell james macarthur jack ging mosbys raiders disney

1980 tv movie ENOLA GAY: THE MEN, THE MISSION, THE ATOMIC BOMB dvd billy crystal patrick duffy gregory harrison

1979 documentary on new york street gangs 80 BLOCKS FROM TIFFANY'S dvd (inspiration for the warriors?)

1973 tv movie MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET dvd starring david hartman sebastian cabot jane alexander roddy mcdowall tom bosley

1973 tv movie YOU'LL NEVER SEE ME AGAIN dvd starring david hartman, ben gazzara

1967 movie C'MON LET'S LIVE A LITTLE dvd actors bobby vee jackie de shannon eddie hodges (l.i.t.beaver) kim carnes (bette davis eyes). go go dancers teen movie, plus extras like hullabaloo segement

1977 UNRELEASED Frost/Nixon Interviews! the new movie was based on the actual 1977 interview. that interview was released on vhs in 5 parts, however only tape 1 was ever released on dvd. this is the other 4 out of print vhs tapes on DVD. 5 hours long.

1992 tv movie Crash Landing: The Rescue of Flight 232 dvd AKA: A Thousand Heroes dvd starring charlton heston

1987 b movie horror flick THE STEPFATHER dvd starr. terry o'quinn

1964 movie LOVE WITH THE PROPER STRANGER dvd natalie wood steve mcqueen

1938 movie DR. RHYTHM dvd bing crosby mary carlisle doctor

1969 movie NUMBER ONE dvd starring charlton heston

1967 movie GAMES dvd with james caan, simone signoret, katherine ross

1975 movie The Reincarnation of Peter Proud dvd michael sarrazin, margot kidder

1979 movie KILLER FISH dvd starr. lee majors. about piranha.

1958 movie ST. LOUIS BLUES dvd starring nat king cole, eartha kitt, cab calloway, ella fitzgerald, billy preston, pearl bailey, and more! about the life of w.c. handy

1950's AUDIE MURPHY classic westerns; DESTRY, WALK THE PROUD LAND, RIDE CLEAR OF DIABLO, NIGHT PASSAGE dvd (w/ james stewart also)

1978 movie FM dvd like WKRP starring martin mull and extras like tom petty, etc.

1987 movie BARFLY dvd w mickey rourke and fay dunaway

1959 THE SOUND AND THE FURY dvd w/ yul brenner and joanne woodward

1983 PRISONERS OF THE LOST UNIVERSE dvd w richard hatch of battlestar galactica

1975 burt reynolds, jerry reed, ned beatty W.W. AND THE DIXIE DANCEKINGS dvd

1966 spanish movie LA CAZA dvd by carlos saura (the hunt)

1940 alfred hitchcock movie REBECCA dvd W/ Laurence Olivier

1992 short movie GAY NIGGERS FROM OUTER SPACE dvd underground cult comedy

1981 movie THE NIGHT THE LIGHTS WENT OUT IN GEORGIA dvd w/ dennis quaid, kristy mcnichol, mark hammil

1996 unreleased movie SHUT YER MOUTH! dvd directed by fraser bresnahan your

1980 fictional punk movie BREAKING GLASS dvd quality! (similar to fabulous stains)

1985 movie GRACE QUIGLEY dvd with nick nolte and katherine hepburn

1997 animated ANASTASIA dvd w/ meg ryan, john cusack, kelsey grammer, christopher lloyd

1982 IT CAME FROM HOLLYWOOD dvd john candy, cheech & chong, dan aykroyd, g. radner

1939 animated max fleischer GULLIVER'S TRAVELS dvd

1988 FRANKENSTEIN GENERAL HOSPITAL mark blankfield follow up to Jekyll & Hyde Together Again

1972 sequel BEN dvd – about killer rats, follow up to "WILLARD". music by m. jackson

1984 patrick swayze GRANDVIEW U.S.A. dvd jamie lee curtis patrick c. howell

1966 movie LET'S KILL UNCLE dvd directed by william castle

1971 movie SOMETIMES A GREAT NOTION dvd starr. paul newman, henry fonda (this was the first movie ever shown on HBO)

1975 movie 92 IN THE SHADE dvd starr. peter fonda, harry dean stanton, burgess meredith

1980 docum. SKATEBOARD MADNESS dvd w/ tony alva, stacey peralta, stevie caballero, surf punks, narrated by phil hartman

60's movie BATTLE OF THE MODS dvd italian and german mods and rockers battle

1995 tv movie BIG DREAMS and BROKEN HEARTS – THE DOTTIE WEST STORY dvd starring kenny rogers and michelle lee

the original 1936 version of SWEENEY TODD

1986 movie GOTHIC about mary shelly writing "frankenstein"

1979 comedy SCAVENGER HUNT dvd richard benjamin, r. mcdowell, scatman crothers, cloris leachmen, dirk benedict, tony randall, w apps by arnold schwartzeneger, meatloaf, etc.

1985? B grade porno from brazil called "sexual adventures of michael jackson", a low quality porn with a guy dressed as MJ getting it on with girls, sound plausible?

1965 movie I SAW WHAT YOU DID dvd (and i know who you are)

1952 Abbott and Costello in JACK AND THE BEANSTALK dvd

TETSUO The Iron Man, one seriously twisted japanese cult classic from 1989

FRANCHESCA PAGE dvd Unreleased 1997 movie starring spanish actress rossy de palma

1978 rare CHEECH & CHONG PERFORM dvd – the only film of them doing there original standup act before their movies!

1978 CHEECH AND CHONG PERFORM AGAIN dvd – this is the second part of the same night.

1985 short film CHEECH & CHONG – GET OUT OF MY ROOM dvd (this is on the same dvd above with "c & c perform again")

1977 classics SURF movie FREE RIDE dvd directed by bill delaney

a few surf and skateboard classics; forgotten island of santosha 1974, uluwatu 1974, island magic 1972, pacific vibrations 1970, skateboard kings 1977,

schmitt stix team 1987, hot shots 1981, hard waves soft wheels 1977

some more vintage snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing videos on dvd; downhill motion '75, snowboard fever '83, into the snow zone '86, one track mind '86, 5 summer stories '75, wave warriors '85, go for it '76 (very similar to free ride), super sessions '76, tubular swells '77, tales from the tube '75, as well as; free ride '77, freewheelin' '77, skateboard madness '80, and skateboard the movie '78.

just added another stack of old school skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing to go with the second list. RAINBOW BRIDGE (jimi hendrix is in this!) '72, MANY CLASSIC MOMENTS…(ORIGINAL and Second VERSION) 1978, ADVENTURES IN PARADISE 1960, THE GOLDEN BREED 1968, RENAULT PRO Surfing Contest… 1984, GUNSTON 500 Surfing Contest 1984, INNERMOST LIMITS OF PURE FUN 1968, MORNING OF THE EARTH 1968, HISTORY OF AUSTRALIAN SURFING 1984, Standing Room Only 1978, CALIFORNIA DREAMING… 1979, Big Wednesday 1961, A Matter Of Style 1976, radical moves 1988, savannah slamma 1987, fall line 1979, eye on la tv 1982, banff blastout 1987, apocalypse snow 1984, snow taxi 97 rare footage/history of snowboarding.

1977 skatebord movie FREEWHELLIN' with stacey peralta and tom sims

ps. i just added two more surf flicks to my selection listed: "the pipeline masters" and "bustin down the door". a documentary, it chronicles the stars of "free ride", rabbit bartholomew and shaun tomson, and their entrance onto the surf scene in hawaii's north shore and how they changed surfing forever, in the process their lives were threatened by the locals and they had to go into hiding. shaun, rabbit, and many other original people from that time sit down to talk about those days and its also loaded with tons of rare footage. the other movie "the pipeline masters" is also a documentary, it also has rabbit and shaun and all the old school surfers like george lopez, all talking about the legendary pipeline, also loaded with rare footage.

1993 Andrew Dice Clay & Teri Hatcher movie BRAIN SMASHER dvd clay plays a boxer who has to rescue hatcher from ninjas??? uh, ok.

1940 movie DR. CYCLOPS dvd sci-fi, mad scientist who shrinks people w radiation

1957 movie THE AMAZING COLOSSAL MAN dvd 50s about a guy who grows from radiation

1991 movie PURE LUCK dvd w martin short and danny glover

1971 original WILLARD dvd about killer rats w ernest borgnine and sondra locke

1982 PARTNERS dvd ryan o'neal and john hurt as cops go undercover as a gay couple

1957 MOTORCYCLE GANG dvd 50s movie about greasers, an adult Alfalfa (our gang) is in this!

1995 independent movie MERCY by richard shepard, w john rubinstein, sam rockwell

1959 Jet Over The Atlantic dvd – a fire bomb is on board the plane

1978 the RABBIT TEST dvd billy crystal first movie he gets pregnant, comdey by joan rivers

1980 i want to be a beauty queen dvd AKA the alternative miss world contest w/ Divine

1957 movie CAT GIRL dvd this is similar to "cat people", werewolf type movie.

original 1929 BULLDOG DRUMMOND dvd theres been lots of sequals but this is the original

the 1972 tv movie of the week GOODNIGHT, MY LOVE dvd richard boone barbara bain


1980 rare martin mull comedy movie SERIAL dvd w a great cast.

1971 movie WHO KILLED MARY WHAT'S 'ER NAME dvd sam waterston red buttons her

1977 (released in 81) horror flick The Haunting of Julia dvd aka Full Circle starr Mia Farrow

1981 tv movie GOLIATH AWAITS dvd mark harmon christopher lee eddie albert

monster squad '87 movie (monster adventure movie like goolies)

Slithis dvd '81 B horror movie

finally they just released! a 5 dvd box set collectors edition of Blade Runner in stores now, HOWEVER they forgot a crucial piece of b. runner history! they forgot the rare and sought after year 2000 bbc documentary called;


the box set is a must for fans, but they should have included this special in the box set.

JEKYLL & HYDE TOGETHER AGAIN dvd the mark blankfield movie who's character was based on the "pharmacist" skit from "frydays"; ultra rare! 1982 classic comedy 90min. grade A

Mark Blankfield in the sequel to the movie the jerk, "the jerk, too" dvd 1984 grade A.

"who killed the electric car" exc. document. on the electric car/hybrids etc. similar in a way to "an inconvienient truth"

the original 1980 movie "The Gong Show" upgraded quality, grade A.

SKATETOWN USA dvd – an insanely CHEEEESY!!! movie. 1979, starring scott baio, patrick swayze, maureen mckormick, misc people like the UNKNOWN COMIC performs as well as Murray langston has an acting part, and horshack from welcome back kotter. this movie is jaw dropping, it is so cheesy it is actually good! the premise; roller disco contest, patrick swayze is "ACE" the switchblade carrying roller disco dancer gang member who rules the rink. i cannot go on enough about this movie, i was in awe from beginnig to end, its hilarious. think, "thank god its friday" in a roller rink with the strangest cast youll ever see. honestly and surprisingly this is actually a pretty good movie, and actually really funny. oh so 70's though. this belongs in everyones collection! from 16mm print. (p.s. never released in any format, only on the big screen)

a second scott baio movie made for tv in 1980. "the boy who drank too much" dvd

1980 disco movie starring the Village People "Can't Stop The Music" dvd, basically the end of the disco era

"Darkside of The Rainbow" dvd aka; pink floyd vs. the wizard of oz. ok some of you have heard of this in the past, the movie the wizard of oz with the audio track replaced with pink floyds dark side of the moon album. a classic stoner gem, like pink floyd at the lazarium. basically the music from the album seems to track very well with the changes in the movie all on its own, just playing start to finish with the movie,no special editing and makes for a very interesting chillout video. this is GRADE A+ digital.

a 1978 adult comedy JOKES MY FOLKS NEVER TOLD ME dvd it features a couple penthouse centerfolds that star in it and has a short skit with a 13 year old anthony keidis of red hot chilli peppers.

80s comedy movie NICK DANGER dvd and the case of the missing Yolk

80s comedy movie SHOCK TREATMENT dvd (this is basically the follow up to rocky horror pict show)

two movies starring The Barbarian Brothers Peter & David Paul, twin brothers who were also comp. body builders. both movies on ONE dvd! "Double Trouble" and "Twin Sitters" dvd, excellent quality.

i also have "THINK BIG" dvd from '90, the movie that started off the barbarian bros tri-fecta! on its own disc.


old movie called "TWO LANE BLACKTOP" dvd by brian wilson (beach boys) and staring james taylor.

FREE RIDE dvd surfing movie 1977 by bill delaney very rare and absolute classic.

1983 BMX movie BMX BANDITS dvd co starring a young nicole kidman!

the classic 1986 BMX movie "RAD" dvd

the 1978 movie with Leif Garrett and Tony Alva "SKATEBOARD" the movie dvd

80's classics "enter the ninja", "revenge of the ninja", and "the challenge" on one dvd, B- quality.

MORON MOVIES dvd pt 1 and 2. '85/86. this is basically stuff that requires getting stoned to watch. one guy and his video camera making extremely short shorts, along the lines of mister bill or something you would see in the wee hours of nyght flyght or cable access tv. about 2 hours, grade A-.


PRISONERS OF THE LOST UNIVERSE (stars richard hatch & john saxon)

Bollywood INDIAN movie Ellam Inba Mayam dvd "SOLLA SOLLA" this is a bizzare low budget film about god knows what. they are speaking in a middle eastern language. but picture benny hill meets peter sellers and time warps into a bad 60s psychedelic movie done in india, oh yeah dont forget indian dracula, and the infamous dance scene that swept thru the internet, and this movie is over 2 hours long!

the Magic Christian w/ Peter Sellers, Ringo Starr, John Cleese, Christopher Lee, Yule Brenner, Raquel Welch, etc. a 1974 bizarre comedy. exactly what you would expect from this cast.

all 4 of the BARAKA movies. visually intense! and life altering! baraka, powaqqatsi, naqoyqatsi, and koyaanisqatsi


legendary weapons of china and avenging eagle on one dvd, good quality. (shaw brothers, kung fu theatre stuff)

the original ZATOICHI, the blind samurai, 1960's black and white,w/english subtitles. from official release dvd

rare '77 scare/horror flick "THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN" dvd based on a TRUE story, with a guy who wears a potato sac bag over his head with two small eye holes cut out and goes around killing people on lovers lane and stuff, scenes like killing people with a knife on the end of a trumpet, tying them up and blowing in the trupet while stabbing them. the original killings were know as the "Texarkana Moonlight Murders". basically this is one i watched as a little kid and we still bring it up sometimes cuz it scared my sister big time back in the day. (not quite so scary anymore) grade A quality.

"Sleuth" dvd with lawrence olivier and michael caine

"bird with the crystal plummage"

some black and white classics;



the BLACK ROOM 1935 boris karloff





dance with me dvd

strictly ballroom dvd

(blaxploitation movie lot);

1970 The Liberation of L.B. Jones dvd w lee majors! and lola falana

1974 COONSKIN aka "Street Fight" starr phillip michael thomas

1979 PENITENTIARY dvd leon isaac kennedy

1982 PENITENTIARY II dvd leon isaac kennedy and MR.T!

1976 MEAN JOHNNY BARROWS dvd fred williamson, roddy mcdowall & elliott gould?

1975 LADY COCOA dvd w/ Lola Falana

1972 FINAL COMEDOWN dvd aka blast, w/ billy dee williams


1973 THE SPOOK WHO SAT BY THE DOOR dvd very good and very controversial

1973 GORDON'S WAR dvd


1974 ABBY dvd (a black version of the exorcist) william blacula marshall as the priest

1974 TOGETHER BROTHERS technly. a blaxploitation film, but very very good in my opinion

1979 THE HITTER dvd with the stars from "superfly"

1972 BLACULA dvd starr. william marshall

1971 movie RED SUN dvd Charles Bronson and Toshiro Mifune !! a samurai stuck in the old west, awesome!

1975 movie THE SAMURAI dvd this is a true spaghetti western unlike the above movie which is a high caliber western with bronson and "real" samurai with mifune, this movie is a low brow low budget italian made western. kind of like they call me bruce as a spaghetti western or something. bad bad bad.

1982 THE CHALLENGE dvd toshiro mifune scott glenn, classic!

1980 THE OCTAGON, the first american ninja movie? i think that is correct. certainly inspiration for some of the things sho kosugi does in enter the ninja. also the red ninja in this film was certainly inspiration for the ninja in the g.i.joe cartoon. i give this movie props for two reasons, it being the first american ninja movie, also the ninja all use properly curved swords, no imaginary "straight" bladed swords.

1981 ENTER THE NINJA dvd sho kosugi

1983 REVENGE OF THE NINJA dvd sho kosugi

History Channel presentation of "histories mysteries" documentary: THE SAMURAI

2008 documentary SAMURAI the story of miyamoto musashi, the most famous samurai of all time, also famous for his two sword style, and legend has it was a ninja since he spent the first half of his life as a loan wandering outlaw.

1954, 1955, 1956 samurai trilogy movie starring toshiro mifune as miyamoto musashi

1967 toshiro mifune movie SAMURAI REBELLION

1969 toshiro mifune samurai movie SHINSENGUMI; ASSASSINS OF HONOR

instructional dvd; SAMURAI SWORDMANSHIP by Masayuki Shimabukuro vol 1, 2, 3

the movies that really started it all (for ninjas that is), the FULL 9 DVD SET!

………1962 black and white, japanese NINJA flick! all "SHINOBI NO MONO" movies 1 thru 9. movie 1 was made in 1962 thru to movie 9 made in 1970, OLD SCHOOL original ninja movies! credited as having made ninjas infamous. keep in mind these movies are based on ACTUAL historical events and figures, real ninjas, real ninja clans, and real battles. as well they dont feature a bunch of stupid camera tricks, mostly very well done, realistic sequences. high quality production, mature, not like a kids ninja movie, or an american ninja movie, more like a kurusawa samuari classic. english subtitles on all 9 movies.

………but wait i have many more ninja movies…..

the six movies below are from toei movies and are just like the shinobi series, as in well made, old school, ninja flicks, all highly recommended.

…………..THE RED SHADOW dvd 1961 toei

…………..SEVENTEEN NINJA dvd 1963 toei


…………..CASTLE OF OWLS dvd 1963 toei movie.

…………..SENGOKU YARO warring clans dvd 1963.

…………..THE THIRD NINJA dvd 1964 toei movie.

…………..THE NINJA HUNT dvd 1964 toei

………then an even earlier ninja movie called NINJA'S WEAPON dvd from 1956! this is actually in color and its more like "kung fu theatre" was, the ninja in this all have magic powers, lots of camera tricks, basically a fantasy movie, not like the shinobi or toei series.

………and another one like ninjas weapon, this one is from 1957 black and white and even more special effects, magic, and MORE special effects, called "NINJUTSU GOZEN-JIAI" dvd. there is actually more ninjas fighting with magic powers than with weapons in this one.

………then one from 1963 black and white, "KAGEMARU OF THE IGA CLAN" dvd, that falls in between the two above and the classics listed above them, its got lots of special effects etc, but its also got some good straight action and is overall pretty entertaining and solid.

....... 1964 movie DETECTIVE FENCER dvd this is actually the feature length movie from the tv series SHINTARO THE SAMURAI lots of ninja vs samurai action in this movie.

……then a two part classic from 1957 and 1958 starring TOSHIRO MIFUNE as a ninja! YAGYU SECRET SCROLLS 1 and 2. both movies are quality productions and quality ninja/samurai movies. in color by toho studios

...... 1961 classic DRUNKEN SWORD starr utaemon ichikawa, jushiro konoe

...... 1961 classic YAGYU CHRONICLES 1 THE SECRET SCROLLS starr jushiro konoe

...... 1961 classic YAGYU CHRONICLES 2 THE SECRET SWORD starr jushiro konoe

....... 1961 classic ONE EYED SWORDSMAN starring tetsuro tamba

....... 1964 classic serious samurai movie starring ryutaro otomo VANQUISHED FOES dvd toei studios

...... 1964 classic THREE OUTLAW SAMURAI starr tamba tetsuro by master director hideo gosha

....... 1966 equally classic serious samurai movie again with ryutaro otomo 11 SAMURAI dvd toei studios eleven

....... another 1966 classic BLAZING SWORD, realistic sword play in this movie and another serious plot line

...... 1982 remake of the classic NINJA HUNT this is the same story line, a bit updated, every bit as dark and brutal as the original, nothing in it is light or funny. like the original, an awesome movie.

....... 1964 movie THE THIEF IN BLACK dvd ryutaro otomo (great actor!) another superb toei ninja movie

...... 1963 movie ON PATROL dvd hashizo okawa (red shadow star) quality movie, a bit more samurai than ninja

..... 1964 ON PATROL 2 - THE PURPLE KILLER finale to the first movie

...... 1965 movie SAMURAI SPY dvd pretty cool movie with good action scenes and plenty of ninja despite the title being samurai

....... 1964 simply superb movie DOJO CHALLENGERS 1 dvd samurai from nowhere yaburi

....... 196 DOJO CHALLENGERS 2 dvd samurai from somwhere isamu nagato tetsuro tanba

....... 1966 movie GOLDEN NINJA dvd this is more of a comedy actually, and i would say more samurai action than ninja. basically everyone is looking for some lost gold, and action follows but mostly with a comical approach.

the COMPLETE tv series SHINTARO THE SAMURAI dvd set ALL 10 SEASONS, 1962 - 1965, including the tv documentary made in 2009 about the series. (this is a great series, better than zatoicihi and shadow warriors (if you are looking for lots of ninja action and great swordplay).

COMPLETE 1971 tv series EPIC CHUSHINGURA dvd set starring Toshiro Mifune aka 47 ronin

.......... 1965 movie akai shuriken aka THE BLOODY DARTS dvd starring ichikawa raizo

.......... 1964 movie REVENGE dvd starring nakamura kinnosuke, tanba tetsuro

.......... 1968 first two episodes of 5 FREELANCE SAMURAI dvd starring toshiro mifune

.......... complete SLEEPY EYES OF DEATH dvd set starring ichikawa raizo and matsukata hiroki ALL 14 MOVIES

.......... 1964 movie THE GREAT KILLING dvd starr satomi kotaro and otomo ryutaro

........ 1965 movie SWORD OF DOOM dvd starring toshiro mifune tatsuya nakadai

........ 1966 movie THE BETRAYAL dvd starring ichikawa raizo

........ 1960 movie MIGHTY SHOSUKE dvd starring otomo ryutaro

........ 1961 movie FESTIVAL OF SWORDSMAN dvd starring otomo ryutaro

........ 1963 movie DUAL OF BLOOD AND SAND dvd otomo ryutaro, konoe jushiro

....... 1963 movie BRAVE RONINI dvd ichikawa utaemon dl

........ 1961 movie SAMURAI HAWK dvd ichikawa utaemon dl

........ 1961 movie SPEAR OF HEROISM dvd konoe jushiro dl

…………..the next two are some later, but classics as well, although these two have a bit more "kung fu theatre" elements in them;

1980 sonny chiba classic SHOGUN'S NINJA dvd

1980 SHADOW WARRIORS the movie, which c

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